# of calculations on the test

in the schweser online video one of the guys mentioned that calculation is only about 10% of the test… and a lot of people on here say that “they know you know the calculation… so they’ll test you heavily on the concepts.” any word on this from people who’ve taken level one?

There is less than what you think. I remember walking out and thinking to myself “wow I didnt have to calculate as much as I thought.” Calcs are mostly for L2.

Yes that is what I have also heard from colleagues

thanks guys that helps a bunch.

yes its true the calculations are much less compared to the practice questions but I can’t say 10% for sure. May be more like 20%, atleast thats how I felt at my level I attempt.

Dear Wesleylau, I do not totally agree with what the others said. Although it is certainly true that you do not have to exercise very many calculations, you do need to know how you would (!) do it. Why? There are many questions like “how would the ratio xx/yy react to a change in …”. This is a quantitative question and you need to know the way how to (!) calculate. Best wishes, Daniel Lambert www.financial-exam.com