# of hours for Level II

hey guys, how many hours of studying are necessary in order to be well prepared for Level II ? i know this is a forum for Level III, but i’m asking you guys because you’ve already taken and passed Level II. i appreciate your opinions. i haven’t started studying yet and i’m trying to ration my time for the next 3.75 months. THANKS!

It depends on your work experience and educational background in finance. CFA recommends 250 hours. I would recommend closer to 400 hours.

what the usually ranges are - 10-20 hours a week for a lot of weeks… no magic formula. just test yourself along the way and gauge the depth of your knowledge.

200 should do.

i would say 300 at minimum…

I found L1 easier to master than L2, for obvious reasons. Personallyz I would take my level 1 study time and times it by a factor of 1.2-1.3 and that should be your ideal L2 study time. But I usually go in wanting to have a mastery of the material, so my approach may be a bit overboard.

i really like joemontana’s answer, but i think i’ll plan for 300hrs and rebalance my portfolio of time every few weeks based on my progress.

I’m with JoeMontana… 50-75hrs speed-reading the Schweser guides. Another 100-150 just doing tests and reviewing incorrect answers. Painful - very painful - and unfulfilling, but I think that would see most people through. Good luck.

Good luck! I did 400 hours… I suggest John Harris seminar about FSA if that’s your semi weak spot or even if it’s not.!