# of Hours studied so far?

Unfortunately I am only approx. at 140hrs. That is mostly reading the books. Finally finished reading through all the material (Schewser) and going through Secret Sauce + 18 SS exams from Q bank, now time to really start hammering this stuff down and learn through working on Book 6.

how are you finding SS exams? I did a few and thought they were very hit and miss - some Qs were way too easy, sometimes too much repetition b/w vignettes whilst a handful felt like exam standard. no of hours is probably less relevant than what stage of revision you are at. for what it’s worth, I’m just starting some exam practice too (Book 6) and hoping to revisit my weak spots soon.

^ I will be doing my first exam session this afternoon, I am planning on reviewing one book (approx. two topics) per morning and one Exam study session per afternoon for this week and then revise the weak areas next week…I am way behind in preparations.

I haven’t counted the hours but I’m far off the benchmark.

i lost count. And hope it is worth it!!! 250 hrs is a bingo no for this exam!!!


Around 350-400, give or take. I only wish I felt like I knew everything already. Sadly, that will never happen…

i’ve gotta be near 300 and hope for another 60 after today. no excuses for me not to pass w/ all that time spent studying.

24.78. Approximately.

round 600

600! damn… i’m close to 380 - 390… i wish that were the only variable in estimating whether i pass or not !!

2 wait for it… F’N MUCH.

Not enough. Haven’t looked at Derivatives yet.