# of pages Level2 2008

I just got my books today so here is the information for people who are concerned about the number of pages in CFAI readings and want to plan their studying time better. Here is the deal: Ethics 196 pages - 4 optional pages = 192 total Statistics 208-0=208 Economics 184-8=176 FSA 278-20=258 Corporate Finance 290-23=267 Asset Valuation and Equity 624-4=620 Fixed Income 312-0=312 Derivatives 319-115=204 Portfolio Management 190-0=190 We get, when summarizing totals, 2601 pages. But there are many pages with graphs, summaries, LOS description and etc, so minus another 15-20% of such information and then we arrive at 1940- 2062 or roughly 2000 pages. Schweser typically has 1200-1400 pages. There are 263 days left prior exam so do your math.

woah, asset valuation is gonna be a beast!

russian, woah, how long did it take you to come to this Is it one of the sleepless night or you just want to find something to do?

it took me about 30-40 minutes. I am creating my study schedule and I personally need this information to better plan my time. btw 2601- 175 optional pages=2426

Hi man, are u in Moscow? # of pages is strange - in 2007 it was not less than 4,000 (probably even more - I don’t remember and already have sold the books, although haven’t passed at this attempt:)

No, I live in Toronto. I assume that number of pages should be around 4,000 but I counted pages of the actual required readings not content description, glossary and appendixes.

Hey russian, my family stays in Toronto on bay street & i might come there for my Jun L2 attempt. I’m currently in India. Would like to keep in touch. My email add is deadlydilton@hotmail.com I’m also on msn messenger.

after a brief analysis of the curriculum, i have concluded that i will pass the level 2 exam without using the curriculum… i will just go with schweser

Privet russian, I am in toronto too. What’s your e-mail? Want to ask you a couple of questions.