Off topic-Self imposed timed mock is the worst thing

Six hours of drilling, I am so impressed by those who did 8 of those, I did 6, I think I have pinched myself so many times and pulled off 20% of my hair during the six, how no one talks about how miserable it is here? The worst is always the first 3 cases and the last two cases, I can barely concentrate by the time its the last two cases. Anyone does long distance running would agree its like the first 2 miles in a long distance running except you can adjust your pace in running. 4 more days, thank mother teresa

Yeah I hate mocks. I hate how long it is. I get so tired by the end of the third hour, let alone sixth (even with a two hour break in between).

SOOOO excite for this to be OVER!

i always have a huge coffee before each practice exam. on the actual exam day i substitute for caffeine pills to cut down on washroom breaks. 300mg before each keeps me goin

yup. I use a combo of caffeine, b vitamins, and rhodiola to keep focused. Usually works. Worked for L1.

Have you been taking it during your studies? Any recommendation on brand?

Advice about drinking coffee during the break ? Good idea or bad?

totally dependent on how quick/often you have to take a leak when you drink coffee lol. That’s why i do the pills

I don’t have those pills and I won’t test it now since we only have a few days left. Going to the bathroom only takes around 3 mins, is it worthwhile to just drink coffee instead.