Office noise and headphones

How do you get around office noise? Has anyone tried qc25?

Music. I keep headphones at my desk and listen to iheartradio during the day.

But how can you focus when you are listening music especially if you have to read a report or build a model.

I listen to the sweet sound of Indians saying Right Right

I close the door to my office.

I stand up and say loudly “shut the F up”. Normally the awkward silence lasts long enough for me to regain my concentration.

Headphones, podcasts or ebooks usually.


I just work from home. Offices are crazy town, avoid.

You choose this song that doesn’t have many ups and downs (Still by Dr.Dre is my choice ) and put it on repeat. The first few hours your focus is split between the song and the stuff you are doing but after a few days, it just becomes white noise. The key is not to change the song.

Plenty of music without vocals is conducive to concentration. Spotify has a great playlist called “Deep Focus”. Or you can listen to jazz/classical. I prefer post-rock (Explosions in the Sky, Mogwai, Caspian, etc.)

Just minimize your browser and watch your favorite pron hub channel. I am sure the IT would not know if you minimize the window.

Office noise?.. nah forget that. i work in credit… it’s like super quiet here…

My distractions are all bitcoin / altcoin and AF.

I started out in sales so I learned to blank it out and I now hate quiet offices. Life is too short to sit in an office all day without any banter.

I’m also old school about headphones while at work, to me it will always look unprofessional.

ask if they want to battle. and turn up your shit. jokes and jokes.

i acutally have cnbc playing on the background. sometimes i watch random stuff on youtube. sometimes investment stuff. but most of the time its other shit. like music videos. history stuff. and current events deep dives on a subject. i dont really listen most of the time i just work better with random noises in background.

chicks with long legs


Does this work with your wife too?

Each morning I put AirPods on and listen to the music. When someone needs me, she just must call me or send me a message. I recharge them before I go home. Then, in the evenings, I put them on my ears again, so that I do not listen to family members and the noise they make.

Listen to kpop. You can’t understand the words after all

The delivery guy and the copy room guy wear headphones in the office. Pretty sure Jamie Dimon and Lloyd Blankfein don’t wear headphones around the office. I’m sure most of your employers don’t have any rules against wearing headphones; whether or not it’s prudent for your career to be associated with delivery guys and copy room guys is another story.