Official 2009 Essay / 2010 Mock Score Posts

Not sure of this has been done yet, but: 2009 Essay 75.0% 2010 Mock 76.7% Not posting this for congrats, but rather to motivate my sample example brethern, I got a 63% and a 60% on the samples (or vice versa). I feel good about where I am but, I still need to clean a lot up. Go team. JSJR

60% in AM 80% in Mock (2009) Sample 1 - 66% Mock (2010) and Sample 2 - will post next week when i’ll take it.

43% in am

2009 AM: 69 2010 Mock: 83 Sample 1: 73 Sample 2: 50 As soon as I start to feel decent, I get smacked across the face with something like sample 2…at least it keeps me honest. best, TheChad

Just took 2010 Mock… scored 73%, pretty disappointed after all the talk of it being pretty easy… lot of work left to do…

2009-AM: 72.20% 2009-Mock: still to take Sample1: still to take Sample2: still to take 2010-Mock: still to take

Might be a stupid question, but when you’re referring to 2009 AM, you’re referring to the essay questions, no? But how you grade them to get a percentage other than guessing what the markers would have given you for your responses? I’m missing something…