Post your results here and comments.

Fail! I keep telling myself I failed…trying to limit the disappointment.

Me too :(… I was confident leaving the exam but I am now convinced that I am going to fail with a band 10… I guess we’ll all find out tomorrow at least!

whats OFFICIAL about this thread??


What does everybody think is going to be the pass rate? I’m guessing 41%.

Something tells me this year it could be a little lower and my guess is 39%!

No more bets no more bets! :wink:

I really want those damn results to come out argh!


Wish you guys all the best! Not too long to go now [:spank:]

It’s time for hell to begin!

WOW What a wait, this is painful.

One email will take away my year’s work :frowning:

We have just about three hrs to know our status

Before the Batman movie gets over, the results will be out, 2.5 hrs to go

Is it me or is my clock going backwards…? Damn I’m stressing!!! Good luck to all of you out there!!!

I am feeling sick with worry right about now…

You guys will do fine calm down crazy rabbit

An hour from now !!!

well in 1 hour you will start waiting 3-4 hours before your result is out.

Hope since its 50 years for the institute the passing percentage is 50 . Bonus year . How I wish my dream is true