OFFICIAL 2013 CFA Level 2 Results & Survey

The survey is now closed.

You can view the results here: Results of 2013 CFA Level 2 Survey

You can also collect the raw data from the results to calculate things(MPS): Raw Data from 2013 L2 Results Survey



I can also add in other questions/fields if more people are interested. I kept it short so people would be willing to answer the survey. Example: (Estimated hours studied, Material Used, # of attempts). And remember this is fully anonymous unless you dont mind disclosing. Thanks again!

You’ve taken nerdy to a whole new level.

I’m just jealous I didn’t think of it first.

hahah, well, I’m actually surprised after all of these years, AF hasn’t created one. I’ve seen the previous years’ results threads and they are a mess. Not only messy, but no one really collects the data and looks at it. With the forums, some people who didn’t pass won’t post their results(I’m not sure I would if I don’t pass), but with an anonymous survey, more meaningful data can be collected from the failing scores. Thanks for the reply btw, I started to think this was going to be passed over.

Good idea, just don’t expect me to be jumping onto that site right away to fill out the survey if I fail. I’ll have other priorities on my mind.

OD’ing on sugar and caffeine from drinking rootbeer?

Additional info that might be useful to know:

  • Your background (finance, econ, other, etc.)

  • How many attempts you made at L1 (not L2)

What’s important for people is knowing what the pass rates are for various buckets.

  1. Finance undergrad/grad?

  2. Finance job? Job related to curriculum, what %

  3. How many years of work experience?

  4. How selective was their university?

  5. First time level 2? How many times on level 1?

  6. Age

Dont want to get into survey creation specifics to make sure data is unbiased, but basically it would be interesting to figure out pass rates among various segments of the population.

And race :smiley:

Props on creating this btw.

Am with clever… don’t think I’ll be reporting if I flunk. In general, I think the survey will be positively skewed and littered with selection bias.


The data will be biased, no doubt. I’m really hoping people who fail will take the survey and report their results, the failing values are fun for estimating the MPS. This was my first attempt at L2, I don’t expect to pass.

I’ll add educational, work experience, attempts, not race:) I’ll try to make sure it’s not so grainular. Also these questions will not be mandatory.

Thanks for the input, all!

can the OP please clean the spreadsheet?

It would be interesting to see the hours studied based on background. If you haven’t asked # of mocks, probably is very important variable.

I think the survery is good as is… great job!

Link isn’t working for me right now.

Ok, the data has been cleared, I will recheck it later tonight to make sure people haven’t been playing around in there. The links should always be up, google is supplying the back end. Things are getting close!! I’m slightly nervous, although I honestly feel that I did not pass.

I’ll add in estimated hours of study, but that will be it! =P GOOD LUCK ALL!!!

Any of the links I click for you end up with a page where the only thing on it is a Google Drive logo with the words:

Google Drive

The App is currently unreachable

maybe it’s just being blocked on my work computer or something:

Ahhh, yes it probably is your work computer, Google and their empire requires cookies for the usage of their products. It probably deals with that. Otherwise, it’s up! Hopefully, you’ll be able to view it all and input your results from somewhere tomorrow.