Official: AF has higher passing rate!

Allright so I had a look at,751143,page=1 where a bunch of AF regulars signed a ‘pledge’ that they would pass the level 2 examination. It was signed the week before the exam. Now since many people assume that AF regulars have a higher passing rate than the global average I checked these names with the results to see what the passing rate was. Result: 54% of these people passed for sure. I could not find 27,5% and 18,5% of them failed. That is higher than the global average. Even if you count the unknowns as fails. From the top of my head I selected the names of those of whom I am sure they were regular participants in discussions and the pass rate of those people was 66% with 19,5% failing and 12% unknown. So you can say that the AF passing rate is higher than the global average although it is not as high as many assumed when it was discussed a few weeks ago. (see below the names and an ‘x’ for those of whom I think they were regulars during the study period) bannisja fail x barthezz fail x Bradleyz fail x CFAdetroit fail x deep2002 fail x dinesh-sundrani fail x jogging fail x planner fail x so_fresh fail Alayle fail CFABangkok fail cfabermy fail dnoyelles fail epoh fail heightscapital fail Kakane fail kellyc319 fail maile fail nisha_p fail 3_letters pass x AFJunkie pass x bhaiyyu pass x busprof pass x caspian pass x cfasf1 pass x Danteshek pass x GMOfDen pass x gurjeet pass x ilvino pass x jbisback pass x jeremyb pass x kabhii pass x maratikus pass x McLeod81 pass x mcpass pass x mumukada pass x mwvt9 pass x N.VanCandidate pass x nattyg pass x ng30 pass x Niblita75 pass x petetini pass x plyon pass x SerGrey pass x Smarshy pass x wanderingcfa pass x akanska pass Blkmoon pass budfox427 pass cding pass Chicago PMA pass DblA pass eschizzle pass Fabib pass gauravku pass gz2nyc pass ilkandi pass jeks pass JustPass pass LICandidate pass mhannebert pass oagra pass ozzy609 pass patkeenan pass phBOOM pass Pinto11 pass rekooh pass sbugrad89 pass spilker pass Squirrel24 pass superchef pass TA05 pass tcasperite pass Wenebest pass aladak unknown x Dyslexic unknown x goes to eleven unknown x thepinkman unknown x Turkish unknown x caroline23 unknown clipper1 unknown defacto unknown doseweissen unknown iblees82 unknown I’llmontecarloyoursimulation unknown isabel unknown jaas unknown london1 unknown miker2800 unknown missjovi unknown patatasbravas unknown ptrick73 unknown rhuldisch unknown rong19 unknown sabdullah1979 unknown SeanC unknown smokin’hot unknown stephw14 unknown thrlskr unknown tingsheng unknown uclaCFAchick unknown ucsbfiji unknown

You have wayyyyyyy too much time on your hands.

True… I already started studying for L3 :slight_smile:

illmontecarloyoursituation is a pretty hilarious name. almost as good as JTMarlin