official curriculum or third party provider

Do you have to study from the official curriculum for L3 or can you read the prep provider’s condensed notes and be 100% prepared??

Levelup by Marc L…you will get best of both worlds. He goes through CFA material as well as has his own notes. His videos and slide deck are awesome and helps you understand the concept in the cfa books.

I think you’ll get more valuable feedback after exam results are out for the most recent L3 cohort.

Hi :slight_smile:

You can rely on schweser notes + ift slides & videos. That should suffice.

^Thank you guys!!

BTW LevelUp is only limited to certain cities so I can cross that out.

I’m going to read the curriculum from here until the first of the year. Then Schweser. There’s far less crap at this point. So I don’t think it will be a problem.

^ Then curriculum is the safest bet. I plan on doing it too. For L1 and L2, there was just so much unnecessary stuff and way too many pages and boring to say in the least. That’s why I was wondering. Hopefully you’re right regarding L3 curriculum.