Official grade me thread

Ethics 50-70 Econ 50-70 Quant 50 Fsa > 70 (even with missing the noa questions) Equity > 70 fixed inc 50-70 Der 50-70 Alt 50-70 provided dpi was based on 70 commited cap Port 50 (maybe more with luck) I think I might be borderline but it looks like a fail What do you think?

^^^ Sounds like a likely pass, assuming you are in the upper half of those intervals. Grade me please: Did not read any of the ethics case texts, just went straight to the q’s…there was no time…and thought I may have made some good calls. Will not be surprised if I screw up heavily on here. Assuming I score > 70 in all sections, and < 50 on ethics, what are my chances?

You are gold… I think I am borderline based on last years passing thread I’ve seen plenty of passes with <50 on ethics last year… Well done