"official guide" for gmat prep question

I am going through the Official Guide for GMAT review 11th ed. I know it is set up to go from easier to harder questions. the quant section has 250 questions. for those of you that have used this guide and have taken the exam, can you explain your experience in how hard, based on your score these practice questions are? One person told me for example the last 100 are representative of the the real exam if you are going for a 680+. Another told me the first 100 were way to easy compared to the real exam. I know experiences will vary based on scores, but any insight on this that I can use to tackle preparing is appreciated.

i don’t think any ‘objective’ statement can be made about how closely questions from a certain section of the OG mirror the ones expected in the actual test. the practice questions in the OG are just that - for practice - and should be treated as such. if you want to get a true flavour of what the test questions look like - do a test from the GMATprep - its as close as it gets! GOOD LUCK!

I would second sandeepsg’s view on GMATprep. About preparing in general, i found it useful to break up OG into timed tests. I would flip between sections randomly, to imitate a CAT like pattern. If you have already run out of questions in OG, go for OG Maths Review. You can attempt questions in order, so that as you proceed, your tests will consist only of questions in the difficult basket. I think we can safely presume that GMAT will not get any tougher than that. I followed this approach for the Verbal section and the improvement in my score by the time i was done with the material was very apparent.

are you sure the 11ed has qs arranged from easiest to hardest? I thought only the math + quant books were arranged in this way ???

you were right…GMAC: The Official Guide for GMAT® Review, 11th Edition This is the only GMAT® review book available that contains actual GMAT® test questions and their answers. Revised in 2005, the book has been updated to include a diagnostic test to help prospective students focus their study on the areas where they need the most help. The book also includes a comprehensive math review, a review of basic English grammar, practice questions in order from easiest to hardest, and test-taking tips and strategies.