Official Lehman Song

At first I was afraid I was petrified I kept thinking That I WOULD HAVE TO JOIN THE UNEMPLOYMENT LINE But then I spent all SUNDAY night Just thinking how LEHMAN done me wrong And I grew strong I LOGGED OFF MY PC AND I WAS GONE SO NOW BARCLAY’S back From outer space I just walked INTO WORK TO HEAR THE WORDS THAT PUT A SMILE ON MY FACE I SHOULDN’T HAVE PACKED MY STUPID BOX I THINK I’LL LOG BACK ON THAT PC If I’d have known for just one second THAT BARCLAYS WOULD RESCUE ME So here I GO to the third floor logging in now And the Fed can’t say no more They were the ones who tried to break me with goodbye Did you think we would crumble? Did you think we would lay down and die? Oh no, not I back to 745 As long as Barclays is by our sides, I know I’ll stay alive I’ve got all my life to lead I’ve got my family to feed And I’ll survive at 745, hey hey It took all the MONEY WE had Not to fall apart Kept trying hard to mend The pieces of my broken CORP. And I spent SUNDAY NIGHT Just feeling sorry for myself I WANTED TO cry But now Bob Diamond is my guy! And you see me Somebody new I’m not that little brokerage firm Still trading with you I’m trading CDs, I’m buying Bonds And building Equity But now I’m saving all my loving For my saviour Barclayssssss

You have Tab files for this Sid??


Nice job Sid, pretty funny :slight_smile:

This is hilarious. I’m relieved for you guys.

hilarious! nice one maybe you should quit the day job and be a song writer…

Wan’t me guys. Someone from the trading desk originated this. Thought, would be funny to share.

is the creater canadian? sounds like Brian Adams summer of 69…

cfaboston28 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > is the creater canadian? sounds like Brian Adams > summer of 69… Really? Doesn’t sound at all like “I Will Survive” ?

A+…this is going to the AF hall of fame. Willy

i found this one in Nov when citi got rid of prince First I was Chief counsel, And then the CEO, I pinned red umbrellas in my suit, But the shares they moved so slow, Investment banking was doing well, ECM made cash to burn, I was riding the financial markets, Hoping there’ll be no downturn, And then the dance, Began to slow, All the hedge funds pulled their cash, nd the institutions began to follow, And now my share price is in the pits, Massive writeoffs are what I see, I don’t want no shareholders, Can’t they just stop bothering me?!? They say “go on now go”, “walk out the door”, “Just turn around now, 'cause you’re not welcome anymore” “ Weren’t you the one who tried to stick to the strategy, That read that if you get advised by us, we’ll throw some debt in there for free” I should have split the firm apart, I should have sold it bit by bit, Like all the analysts told me, Now it’s all just gone to shit, At least I’ve got my options when I leave, Although they don’t amount to much today, But once I’m gone the price will soar, And I’ll get my sky high pay day.

Well done. At least now all you Lehman people have some hope for your jobs. I am happy for you all.

this is hysterical - what we needed to end these past few weeks. hope many of your lehmans are able to give bob diamond a big smacker.