Official result date

Hi guys,

Finally CFA institute has sent the email regarding official result to be released on August 8th 9.00 am EST.

that is 6.00 am given I’m on west coast.

the heading said important information about your result and believe. Me , my heart sank

within the few seconds of opening the email and checking on its content I was thinking of all horror thoughts and skipped few heartbeats

I can very well imagine how worst it’s going to be on the day of the results

I wonder what’s with the:

"Candidates with a preferred email address domain of “” and “” should update their email address to one with a different domain to improve deliverability. "

Of all the internet domains, that’s a very specific reference to those two…

Both are owned by entities within the country of China.

Why would your heart sink? It’s the same generic email we received at level I and II.

I received mine with 2 hours delay. It’s gonna be party with results delivery for me on exam day. Usually received results among last AFs.


I never bothered and pondered over the exam after giving it. It’s only for this exam in doing so much post exam deligence.

I haven’t received the email yet… anyone else who is in the same boat and if so what domains are you with? mine is with Microsoft Outlook

Outlook too, mine was in the spam inbox. Received it about 4 hours ago.

Receiving an email from the CFAI isn’t pondering, bothering or performing due diligence. You mean to tell me this if the first time you’ve every looked at e-mails from CFAI after taking the test? How’d you know you passed the previous exams?

mine, in hotmail spam as well!

This is because of title of CFAI message and links in message’s body what some providers recognize as a spam or phishing. You may make a filter for each mail from domain to push directly to inbox and never mark as spam.

u guys are crazy. wait till the 8th

Anybody here who has received the post exam survey email by CFA? It always says that I have been “RANDOMLY” chosen to participate in the survey. I have received this survey email for each of my 3 levels. So much for “random”

This means that you own characteristics of sample which perfectly describes total population. You are not an outlier.

Still doesn’t make it random. I’m sure the probability of me getting chosen on all 3 levels “randomly” is quite close to zero given the number of candidates.

It’s not. Maybe they need 10 candidates from your country who work in particular firm or sector with required marital status or/and age and sex.


Hahahaha :+1:

You totally shut him down there haha

who cares…chill

1 month has passed since the exam, unbelievably days r moving fast towards the results day.