Official results page!


Looks like around top 95% overall…

Strange, i got top 99% on essay but about top 85% on itemset (below top 90%)

Passed as well!





Passed, all three on first attempt :sunglasses:

The nightmare is over!!!

Passed!!! Got 10th percentile in Ethics. That last minute change of 5 answers in the Ethics section was not worth it lol!

Passed! So was the expiration and inability to access practice problems really a tell? I had expired and couldn’t access them yesterday

Passed!! 18 months door to door :grin:

fuck yessssssss passed didn’t expect it at all good riddance

never have to do this ever again

all levels back to back in one attempt


Nope, I had access to mocks & practices and had active status and just got a solid pass. I guess there really was no tell this year.

Passed !!!

Way above MPS though a bit below 90%.

Guys finally time to remove the bookshelf application…lol

Made it. Around 70 percentile. Years of sacrifice and struggle over and done with. Will empty the bottle and the bookrack at the first opportunity.



for furure candidates, here are the mock scores that lead to a 90th percentile exam score

sincerely, and with much love,

TommyJohn, Band 9 high 50s low 60s mock guy

passed on 4th attempt. MF-ing finally!!! When does the registration go back up, just want to pay my dues and get those shiny letters