Official Results Thread

Guys and Girls…

Good luck to everyone smiley

I am not very productive at work today! goodluck mates!

Good Luck to all…keeping the AF peeps in my prayers :slight_smile:

June 2016 exam pass rates

  • Level I: 43%
  • Level II: 46%
  • Level III: Available 9 August

Ha, try logging into the institutes website, it’s going soooooo slow.

has anyone got result ?

Even the AnalystForum website seems really slow!

You wont be able to login today into your CFA account.

Have been trying since morning its 6.50 PM. Still not in.

I was able 3-4 hours ago.


I was on the cfa institute website an hour ago…

When the email comes in, its like Schrodinger cat. Just don’t open the email and you both passed and failed.

Still no level 2 results here

What is going on? No one seems to have results yet…

Last time I got the result 16:03 Moscow time and now it’s 16:36… and nothing…

Same here in Tbilisi I received my results at 17:03. What the **** is happening.

even a whatsapp ping is getting scary now indecision

same here in Switzerland…seems nobody got L2 results yet

Epic slow roll from the institute.

ja same here in St. Gallen Switzerland, still waiting