**Official Word from CFA Institute - Use of Designation**

Just got off the phone with CFA Institute. The “official” word is as follows: The CFA Institute Board of Governors is scheduled to meet in early September. At this meeting, they will officially award charters to those who have met all charterholder requirements. Nobody can use the designation until the board has officially awarded them the charter. After the meeting, if you have been awarded the charter, you will see “CFA” after your name upon logging into your CFAI online account. An official letter will also be sent by mail, but you will see the change online well before the letter arrives.

I just got new biz cards and changed my email signature. Considering breaking open a pen and using a paper clip to do a prison style “CFA” tat across my knuckles. If they think I’m waiting for them to “get around” to officially handing our charters after the pain they put me through over the last few years. They can forget it.

Haha. That is hilarious. I couldn’t agree more.

they change their tune every time you call them - last time the girl told me you could use it right away others have been told that as well

Anybody else just going to start using it anyways? Contemplating it. Haven’t done it yet. :wink:

bhill020 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Anybody else just going to start using it anyways? > > > Contemplating it. Haven’t done it yet. :wink: jajaja, No way…why to put in risk 3 years of hard work??

I just spoke with them, same thing as BHill said. Sometime in Sept, login to website to see CFA letters after your name.

So what do we officially have to do after passing all 3 exams (assuming we have greater than 3 years experiece). Get two sponsors? Sign up for the local and national membership? Anything else? When do the actual paper diploma’s come

I got this email a few minutes back. Dear Mr. sid3699, Thank you for your email and I am sure you were very pleased with your exam results - congratulations! The CFA designation cannot be used just yet. The charter award process for 2009 Pass IIIs is planned to begin on September 1. Once this process begins, individuals who have passed Level III and who are active Regular members will see the CFA designation after their name in their online profile and may begin using the designation. Important guidelines to help with correct usage of the CFA designation are available on our website at http://www.cfainstitute.org/aboutus/policies/cfaguide.html and should be carefully reviewed. New charterholders will also receive written confirmation within the next several weeks. I hope this information is helpful. Thank you for your continued interest in CFA Institute; and again, congratulations. Kind regards, Brenda Brenda L Hiner l Client Services-Membership l CFA Institute l 560 Ray C Hunt Drive l PO Box 3668 l Charlottesville, VA l 22903-0668 USA l 434.951.5499 tel l 434.951.5290 fax l www.cfainstitute.org

Confirmed from from CFAI by three seperate people. Early Sept it is! I’m not risking early usage. It’s definitely not worth it!

bhill020, add a 4th to your list. Spoke to them earlier today and heard the same thing. Call on Sept 2nd if you really want the designation before your letter and you should be fine.

i spoke with them and they said you can start using CFA from Sept 1

i had new cards printed and they arrived the day before L3 results - it always pays to be positive! Now I’ll have to wait a couple more weeks before using them…

Isn’t it just a little ironic that there is so much discussion about this issue when we spent three years reviewing this question in the most widely tested subject matter of the whole CFA process?

A dumb question: it is said that we can’t have CFA in bold. However, on our company business cards, our name is always in bold. Does that mean I have to specifically make sure not to use bold font for those letters? That’s very werid. BTW, I never pass my ethics in all three levels… :slight_smile: Always got betweent 50-70

CFA letters should not have any specific distinction compared to how your name is written. So if your name is in Bold then CFA letters should be in Bold too.