Officially done with mocks

PM felt tougher, but I ended up doing better. Thats the CFAI for you…probably similar to L1 when I walked out saying wtf and then got >70 in everything. Also, took me pretty much the whole 3 hrs, whereas AM I was done in 2 hrs.

jogaut Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I found the PM version tougher than the AM > version. Time was also more of an issue. What’s > the consensus here? Same here. 1 hour left for AM and almost none in PM. 77% for AM and 73% for PM. I feel that I am making progress, but my scores didnt show it. My highest scores were the first two practice tests (Schweser 1 AM/PM, 78% and 80%)

I just finished the Mocks, mid 60’s but made some stupid mistakes and there were a couple sections that I realized I need to do a quick brush up on in the next two days. I never scored > 70 on the CFAI mocks for L1 so I’m not too worried.

To be fair, I find Mock PM harder because I am weaker on Fixed, Deriative, weak on PM but somehow get the answers right…

AM 80% PM 76% Finished with a good bit of time left for both. Need to work on Der, FI and quant. 2 more days to go over that stuff and formulas. Feeling pretty decent.