Officially done with mocks

Mock AM 75% Mock PM 77% I am done. Review from here on out… Really bombed derivatives for the PM section…1/6 yikes. Gotta review fixed income again.

well done Kellyc319… that’s the beauty of the mock…pointing out the last bits to tie in…

You got nice scores. May be its a stupid idea… I am not giving a mock exam this late, because the scores can only intimidate me at this time. I know where I need to improve. So, I am going to spend the rest of my time reviewing the weak areas and look at all the questions I did wrong so far.

Good job,I find fixed income so much to learn after taking mock.

kochunni69, the cfai mock is a must…

Honestly, I am afraid if it’s too late for me to make any improvements. I am afraid to do it this late and spoil the peace of mind and the little confidence left in me. I have been doing conistantly about low 70’s in the practice exams.

you do not have to do it as a test. Just get used to the wording, and the methodology.


i have one more round to go over Ethics. then I will give it a try.

do the mock, who cares about the score, work the problems. It pointed out areas I needed to review, and I’d rather see my weak areas with time to fix them than have them pointed out to me on exam day. AM: 75 PM: 75 Derivs and FI were weak, are weak, but getting better.

I might do one more mock (3 hr test) tomorrow…what is it $65 for 60 questions? it the same pdf format? or is it online…anyone know? I prefer the pdf…much easier for review…etc

it is free, PDF online donwload…

you can buy additional mocks i thought, one for $65 or two for $100? something like this…are the purchased mocks pdfs also?

didn’t hear about additional mock this year…

ok then, I am just trying to plan my day for tomorrow…i think I’ll just review what I got wrong on the schweser exams and what a missed on the free mocks and go from there…thx

Take the mock today… You still have tomorrow to study

i finished the mocks yesterday afternoon… AM 73% PM 75% I need more punishment… I guess just review now is fine…I just like the wording and format of the CFA mocks much better than schweser or anyone else for that matter

I found the PM version tougher than the AM version. Time was also more of an issue. What’s the consensus here?

got same score on PM…I thought it was tougher… agreed… I did have 90 minutes left on both…

Funny thing is I got a better score in the PM version than in the am (AM 67, PM 73) even though I found it tougher. I thought I kicked ass after I took the AM version, but I was obviously wrong. I guess I gotta go contrarian on my post-exam gut instincts. 90 minutes? Wow, that’s impressive!