Officially done

I’m done. I just reviewed 1 final time all the differences between GAAP VS IFRS after so much studying averaged 70% on my last 4 mocks I don’t think I will learn anything new. Time to relax the mind and bring the fight to the exam.

I second this. I will take a quick browse over ethics in the morning but it’s time to rest up for Saturday.

Contemplating doing the same. Any Level 1 veterans want to chime in?

I feel prepared but would hate to fail by 1 question that I could have gotten right if I would have studied the day before.

No one can tell how ready you are, only you can know that.

But if you really hit everything and gone through it, then there’s no need to hardcord it anymore. Rest and save energy for d-day

Does anyone have any comments on the qbank questions (Schweser)? Do you feel they are representative of questions one would see on the exam? Or are they easier/harder?

They are definitely easier for me than the Mock Exam questions I’ve seen in Elan, Schweser and the CFAI mock. I have an average score on qBank questions of 82% whereas my average mock score is probably between 65 and 70%.

I agree that they are easier, was hoping someone would disagree with me! oh well…

I second GoBigRed. I was even able to finish Schweser mocks with about 30 minutes remaining. For the CFAI mocks, I only had about 5 minutes remaining.

My average on the Schweser mocks is about 74% and for the CFAI mock exams it’s right at 70%. If I get to Level 2, I am definitely considering switching to another provider.

A friend of mine who is pretty bright and passed Level 1 said that he found the Schweser problems harder than the actual exam. He took the 2010 June Level 1 exam.

A friend of mine who is pretty bright and passed Level 1 said that he found the Schweser problems harder than the actual exam. He took the 2010 June Level 1 exam.

Personally I think part of the reason they are easier is because you are not forced to do 120 problems at a time if you so chose. Breaking it up mentally into two parts (60 questions each) has been helping me. I plan on doing that on exam day. Maybe take a bathroom break halfway through if I am feeling confident

I like to hear that MKhaleq!

How about this one:

A supervisor is evaluating ten subordinates for their annual performance reviews. According to a new corporate policy, for every ten employees, two must be evaluated as “exceeds expectations,” seven as “meets expectations,” and one as “does not meet expectations.” How many different ways is it possible for the supervisor to assign these ratings? A) 10,080. B) 5,040. C) 360.

Disregard answer, I just had to click something to copy it. I had trouble with this one for some reasob,


Diminishing: That kind of problem is just a matter of practice, it’s a very basic counting problem. If you don’t get it now, I’d just let it go, they can’t realistically have more than perhaps 2 problems of this type on the exam, if any.

10! / (7! * 2!)

I had gotten it but was just over complicating it…its very easy when you break it down but its the kind of problem that for some reason I had to read twice…just need to take my time come exam day

Here’s a video footage of an ordinary CFA exam day, by CFAInstitutevideos on Youtube:

Oliver: Like the site, find it user-friendly and useful. There is a similar site out there called quizlet; the only benefit that this site has over yours is that it offers quizzez (go figure) on the material. I am not a website designer so I have no idea how difficult this is, but I think something like this would be a great addition to your site. Just my opinion; I think the site is helpful though!

The above poster mentioned quizlet. Here is an example:

Also, some of your formulas are hard to read. For example it may say use a hyphen in the numerator between two words. You know what that means, but someone else will likely see a minus sign and not a hyphen. I like your site, though :slight_smile: