OK, I wanted to say thank you to all the L2 regulars who helped me get through L2. For ones who got through see you in L3 Forum in January, for those who did not good luck and know that you will kill it next year. Success tastes sweater after a failure…I enjoyed passing L2 on second try much more than I did with L1 on first try. I will drop by periodically to say hello and see how you guys/gals are doing. Good luck to all PS: Dinesh you will kill this bad boy next year, I know how you feel as I was in your position last year…trust me next year you will feel so goooood when you see PASS… Thanks again Ladies and Gents for all your support!!

Bye NorthVan… Wish me luck… again…

N.Van congrats and good luck for L3… Your contribution was helpful especially before the exam.

Hope you ace level 3 like you did level 2 N.Van

I was not regular in posting comments etc. but gained immensely from this forum. So i like NVanCandidate I passed on second attempt and am very grateful to all you guys who were posting. Guess I was selfish in taking and not giving but hope to make amends after joining the L3 forum (am in no hurry to join though and wud worry about L3 only next month). Success sure tastes good. After seing some of the results of those who didnt passed, I feel more lucky than good about my result. Its a very humbling experience after the initial ecstasy of passing. Do nail it next time and count your blessings when you pass.