Officially Throwing in the Towel

I failed last year with Band 9. Got my books for this year’s test last October. Was progressing nicely until things in my personal life got in the way of my studying. I now have not touched a book in 6 weeks but still hung on to the idea that I would be able to ‘switch on’ my focus and get it done with what time I have left. However, now 20 days out, I realize that I can not spend enough time studying over the next three weeks to even have a chance at passing. I was planning on taking the week after Memorial day off of work to cram but, due to circumstances at my current job, considerable overtime is required of me over the next month and I can not take any days off. Therefore, I am surprisingly pleased to announce, my official resignation of the CFA Level II pursuit… I’ll still sit for the exam for the smallest chance of guessing my way to a passing score. If anyone else would like to officially quit please post here.

2013 CFA Level II here I come!

sorry to hear, but not all is lost. study your formulas and study equity/fra and hope for the best!

in terms of last year, how many hours do you think you put in and what do you think held you back from the PASS?

keep at it!