Oh joy, another one


At least nobody died.

Texas. What you gonna do.

I guess Don’t Mess with Texas is a big thing.

First, if you want information about something that happened in Fort Worth, why not look at the link in the Ft. Worth newspaper? Why look at the Washington Post?

Second…this reminds me of the time those racist white Duke lacrosse players brutally gang-raped that black woman? And it was racially motivated? Or when big Michael Brown was shot with his hands in the air while walking away from a police officer that almost ran him over?

First, if you can’t attack the facts, attack the source.

Second, there is a cell phone video, unlike the two instances you cited.

Third, it’s Texas. Maybe the headline should have been

“Texas. No explanation required.”

(Mods - don’t delete this as hate speech, though I can see why some may think it is perhaps slightly uncomplimentary to the land of loud-mouthed inbred hillbillies with the “oops” governors.)

can we get a link to the video?

I thought this was going to be about another virgin birth…

I believe the Christmas carol you are thinking of, has its origins in British nobility expressing their pleasure at a successful orgasm.

EDIT: royalty -> nobility.

Attacking hate speech with hate speech. Nice.

Didn’t attack the source. Just asked a question, which you dodged.

And this is hardly a video. It’s a video of a video, which has been very heavily edited, to the point where we don’t know 80% of what happened.

But I watched the entire video. Strangely, it is a cell phone video of a cell phone video, and there whoever posted the video very strategically stopped recording at certain times, and started recording again at certain times. And since she’s taking a video of a video, she gets to “edit” what is posted on FB. This makes me believe that there’s a LOT of stuff that she does NOT want the public to see. I won’t speculate on what, but it’s pretty obvious that she’s not telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help her God.

As I look at it, I’m not sure why the officer grabbed the young girl when her back was turned to him. This seems like bad judgment, but probably not against the law. After that, we hear somebody screaming at the cop, and the next thing we know, Mom is on the ground getting handcuffed. Then the daughter is on the ground getting handcuffed. Why? What DON’T we see? Did somebody attack him? Throw rocks at him? What happened?

I have a feeling this is going to be a huge non-issue.

This is one incident among hundreds of thousands which occur daily on the streets between cops and the public. This cop is a bad apple and his career should end here. LE agencies are already taking big steps to improve accountability by requiring cameras on cops in most major cities. They need to hold these officers accountable and make examples of the outliers we see in videos like this one.

Did you guys watch the video? It looks to me like he got attacked by a mob of angry feral idiots. Of course people are going to start getting arrested.

This one https://www.facebook.com/Porsha.Craver.26/videos/10211610596565571/

The cop grabs the girl in pink who didn’t attack the officer, she was trying to get her mom to back up (it appears). Only one who laid hands on the officer was the girl with black hoodie (by pushing him) then she backed off once he pulled out the taser. The whole way that escalated seemed ridiculous to me. It seemed like the officer was saying that its alright that the man had put his hands on the woman’s son? Just because he was littering? That is not right.

It’s alright in Texas. The white man was just trying to teach the black youth some manners. Littering by African Americans is a huge problem in Texas. It is time for all gun-toting patriots to take care of them “litters.” (South Park called them “richers.”)

This video shows the reason America is the best country and why so many people are ok going through the humiliations of living illegally just to be there. Obese single mother with undisciplined feral kids (multiple fathers?), gets to live such a nice looking neighborhood, and when she calls the police they actually come to sort things out. I bet if there is a fire the firefighters will show up real fast too.


The full version of the video. This time, you can see what happened during the “blackout” period.

(Note–I haven’t watched it yet.)

i seen it already.

White cops is a racist bigot. Greenman is a racist bigot. Black girl just wants to protect her kids…

So, I watched most of it. Definitely need headphones not speakers for this one.

I don’t think the cop is racist, there’s nothing to suggest he wouldn’t have done the same thing to a group of white people. That being said, he definitely was unprepared to handle the situation, resorted to force WAAAAY to quickly and the comment about “why can’t he choke your son” was so bizarre.

Cop was definitely in the wrong in his handling of the conversation and his escalation to a physical situation but I’m not going to jump to saying this is clearly racism.

In other news today, four black teens kidnapped and tortured a white special needs kid by cutting off a patch of his scalp with a knife among other things while yelling “F*ck white people” on live stream. Chicago police have not ruled out that the attack may have been racially motivated.

Chicago cops are a savvy bunch.

What would CvM have said.

I feel sorry for cops and the kind of BS they have to deal with on a daily basis. The amount of disrespect, verbal abuse, and physical abuse they take from ungrateful POSs that they have to protect and serve has a debilitating effect on their perspective. I have met many well intentioned officers who after years on the street have developed a variety of biases including racial or ethnic bias. Whether you want them to or not, Cops have to profile people every single day, every single stop and encounter they have to evaluate as being a potential threat. When they work a beat in a city where they encounter a certain profile of individual or group of people who are primarily the ones that defy their authority, commit crime, and resist arrest it instills that bias. In this situation the Cop was wrong. The way he investigated the situation was not fair. There was no threat and he overreacted in a violent manner. From what I see here, I think he should be fired immediately. This woman’s rights were violated and she should sue the the city.

With that said, could this situation have been averted if the cop had not felt he was walking into a hostile environment? (Girl recording saying the cop is going to be a an ass while he is walking up etc.) Does that matter? Should it matter? Did the man really choke the boy? We empathize with the mother who is the victim of this cop’s misconduct and aggression. Did that mother do a shitty job of raising her kids and not teach them to show respect to authority, furthering the behavior that forms the aforementioned bias many cops have? Possibly, but not enough information besides the crude language used by the woman’s daughter.