Oh man am I too late? I started studying on Jan. 28...

Dear All: Since it seems you guys all started studying in December, is it still possible for me to pass if I didn’t start until I found out my Level I test results on Jan 28? I am almost through all the books and have memorized almost all the formulas, but I don’t want to have to wait until June 2010 to take this–I’d like to sign up for it now. Thoughts? -Richard

give it a shot. nothing to lose.

You read all the books and memorized all the formulas in one month and are asking if you’re too late… I don’t think many others on here are even that far along, myself included.

Dude stop freaking out. You have more than 90 days and ur through most of the books.

I’ve barely cracked book 1. I hope there is enough time!

Sorry I’m being douchey. I understand. I memorized the words, but haven’t learned the music…good thing I spend all day at work studying :slight_smile: -Richard

Memorized 3000 pages?

ditchdigger2CFA Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I’ve barely cracked book 1. I hope there is > enough time! Haha, same here. Been too busy with other stuff. Buckling down this week on Econ (only finished Quant so fa bah!)

are you for real? I didn’t start studying about 1-2 weeks after you, and i’m only though FSA and fixed income at the moment.

DitchDigger & Isura, Same here! I’m feeling much more pressed for time on L2 than I was on L1. Just finished Econ last night. Good luck.

I think alot of us are in the same boat. I just finished reading 17 yesterday… Good luck to you guys.

… and I am the captain of the boat.

i am just starting econ. we can get the readings done before the end of the month april. after that, hard core memorizing and endless problem solving!

I haven’t started yet. I’m starting this weekend, hoping to catch everything up by the mid April. I will use summary notes to quickly go over what’s covered in the syllabus and review them by going over video seminar. Then I’ll play with gory details if I have time.