OH say does that star spangled bannner yet waveeeeeeeeee??? country with top gdp per capita over the years.


LUXEMBOURG Currently number 1 with a gdp per capita of 104k, vs us at 60k!

also dafuq happened to monaco and lichenstein!


also iceland is the richest by net worth, followed by australia. my sista plans to move to australia to find a hubby. excellent choice imo.

why is everyone in australia so rich? anyone got insight?

Australia? They are about the same as most developed economies - I am not sure if there is any special factor. If anything, it’s because it’s the favorite immigration destination by rich Asians. 20% of Sydney or Melbourne are Asians, I think.

so they are rich because rich people go there. not because its cheap to live there and make a lot of money even though you dont have a college degree?

They have the same advantages of other developed economies. High human capital, developed infrastructure, established multinational businesses, stable political systems, and so on. So the question of why Australians are so rich seems based on debatable premise. They aren’t especially rich - just normal for developed nations.

But if you phrase it as, “assume Australia is special. What is it that makes them special”, other than natural resources, favorable immigration seems like a good answer.

They are rich. 50 percent of them have over 200k vs in the us where only 50 percent have over 60k. Only country richer than them is Iceland. So this isn’t debateable, it’s fact. Even if you look at averages, it’s 500k vs 400k in the us.

in the us , wealth is not distributed equally, so you have a higher chance of meeting a poor randomly, while in Iceland or Australia, the majority are good people!

Like if I were to be a random citizen of a random country with no marketable talents, I’d want to be in a place where most are well off and not poors. But if Australia is just propped up by commodities, then they run the risk of a Venezuela event, should their commodities fall in price.

Ok, so Australia people have more assets despite earning less than Americans. In other words, they have a higher savings rate. This is not surprising, since Americans love spending money on houses, cars, and nice clothes and accessories. You wouldn’t want to look like a poor person, amiright? Yuck! Also student loans and other debt, I guess. I think the Asian thesis is still somewhat valid though, since these guys have a savings rate of like 40%.


62% of economy is service. mining is only 7% of gdp.

Apparently they attribute net worth to

resilient Australian dollar,

property ownership levels

a strong labour market.

high urban real estate prices.


lolzars these people love their cash and their property. i think theyd be able to weather a pop in housing.

38% real estate

21% cash

i wonder if iceland is the same way. (focused on real estate ownership)


28% of population born overseas

51% belonging to first and second gen

yep lol sounds pretty chinesey to me.