Oh the Children

Safe for work.


F with the Police and you will get shot!

My man Chris Rock had a nice bit on “How not to get your as$ kicked by the Police.”

-Everybody knows, if the police have to come and chase you, they’re bringing an as$ whoppin with them!!

Woman is dumb…and her son is dumber for thinking his 14 year old self can get into it with a cop who has a gun. What an idiot…if he had a smarter mom he wouldnt have had to try to “defend” her if that’s what he was doing.

I assume the first officer knows he has a camera on his car. Why on earth is he bashing in the rear passenger side window? And, why are they shooting at the car? Just wait for the other officers to get there and block he van’s path. Then, charge them. Now this is going to some kind of plea deal instead.

This isn’t her first rodeo. Normal people don’t have this much drama over a fcking speeding ticket traffic stop.

Stupid idiots gotta always have the most kids.