Ohai for Boardmember

To Chad, BChad, and JDV (whoever, wherever you are):

I nominate Ohai for the position of Boardmember. I have rarely, if ever, heard him say an offensive or off-color remark, and think that he genuinely adds perspective to the threads. In general, I really look forward to reading his posts.

If he could be turned, he would become become a powerful ally. Yes. He would be a great asset.

Can it be done?

Ohai is not a ‘bad’ guy, but I think we need a top 2 MBA, 3/3 CFA 70+ in all deciles, NYC SS ER, BSD, No Fapper, boardmember.

Itera for AF’s board!

All inferior members of AF will be instantly banned leaving him as the lone member of AF wallowing in his excessive success. Chad could only hope for such an almighty diety to drop down to an online forum moderator position.

I talked with Chad a while back about setting up a process for a new board member to replace BS and serve as a precedent for future processes.

I had wanted to put together a list of “Expectations of an AF board member” before starting that process but have gotten swamped with other things.

However, this might be as good a moment as any to solicit thoughts from the crowd as to what is expected of an AF board member.

So far we:

* advise the owner on policies and procedures, reflecting on an appropriate balance between professionalism, the interests of the users, and the needs for the forum to fund itself.

* set standards for moderating and monitoring/supervising moderators, should additional non-board moderators be required

* ad-hoc guidance to the site owner as requested or required

* discuss and recommend action for cases of serious abuse of or by AF members (bannings, etc.)

* communicate these decisions and policies to members, as appropriate or necessary

* have a responsibility to use board member powers and privileges to act in the interest of the owner and user community.

* disclose conflicts of interest to the board and/or AF members where such conflicts of interest would be relevant and material in the execution of board responsibilities.

That’s all I can think of here. The language sounds kinda pretentious, but basically what we do is

  1. Moderate, and we have a responsibility not to nuke things without having a good reason (which is where policies come in)

  2. Advise on cases where people are on the chopping block for being banned

  3. Don’t use the position of board member for personal gain without appropriate disclosures

  4. Serve as a check on each other during prizes and such to make sure that they are given away randomly.

  5. Give opinions and recommendations on site design things

  6. Keep Chad informed if anything really wacky is going on.

Anything else that people think are missing?

I believe only itera, the Wielder of the Rusty Saw is qualified.

I nominate S200’s horse.