Oil and gas property seminar


For anybody interested in a free seminar on oil and gas and how to value properties.

Thanks for posting.

The person i know who attended last year said it’s great

Thanks for posting greenie. I’ll probably see if I can get the boss man to agree to let me go up to Dallas for one of them.

I registered for the May 8-9 one. If anybody else goes to that one, let me know.

hows the new job gman?

That’s the one I’d go to, going to wait after earnings before I request it, got a couple more things planned between now and then.

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That’s the one I’d go to as well. Sucks that its during Q1 earnings, but I might be able to sneak away for the Monday-Tuesday.

Anyone going to enercom Dallas?

^ Nope. I’ve been to the one in Denver before though. Fantastic excuse for a work trip to Denver in August.

^ I went to Denver last year, was a great time.

I’d rather go to Denver in January.

If you lived in Houston, you would LOVE Denver in august.


got an email from them saying it was full a while ago. may 10-11 for me.

As much as I’d like to go, I can’t swing it. My boss is not in the best of moods for approving trips lately and next week sucks for me. We have a team offsite on the 9th, and then I’m off and going up to NYC on the 12th for the weekend.

Maybe next year…

im set up for the 8-9. Wanna trade?

(Actually being serious)

Sorry Greenman, travel plans and hotel already booked.

Anybody else going?

And @HP - when do you get in? Maybe we can schedule a get-together.

I get in early May 10 and leaving after on the 11th. I’m in for a get-together if that coincides with your schedule.