Oil down 6!!!!!!

Oil went down 6 cents at my gas station yesterday. Hope this means something!

They sell oil at your gas station?

they sell oil at albertsons too

Gas prices in world citiesCity Reg. price in USD/gal. Oslo 9.85 Paris 9.43 Copenhagen 9.24 Rome 9.03 London 8.96 Berlin 8.68 Hong Kong 8.05 Seoul 7.33 Sao Paulo 6.38 Tokyo 6.30 Singapore 6.13 Nairobi 5.94 Sydney 5.57 Montreal 5.57 Vancouver 5.50 Santiago 5.18 Toronto 4.98 Mumbai 4.94 Bangkok 4.78 Los Angeles 4.57 Johannesburg 4.41 Moscow 3.90 Topeka, KS 3.87 Havana 3.75 Buenos Aires 3.56 Beijing 3.40 Mexico City 2.62 Dubai City 1.70 Cairo 1.24 Kuwait City 0.92 Riyadh 0.47 Tehran 0.41 Caracas 0.12

Americans who complain too much should move to Caracas.

I think there is a crazy person in charge down there. Edit: Come to think of it there is a crazy person in charge in the US too. I’ll have to think about this more.

farley013 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > They sell oil at your gas station? chuckle

I went to Caracas last year and got really impressed. My girlfriend filled her car with $2… thats pretty amazing

Yeah, that’s called a subsidy.

Yeah, and oil is being subsidized in the U.S., too, just by different means. Those Oslosians really got it figured out (and I’m not being sarcastic). They export tons of oil & natural gas AND yet they still price it realistically at the pump. That is why their society is so much more advanced than venezueala.

^ oslo is not a realistic pricing it is massive taxation on fossil fuel to support alternative energy.

It’s almost worth the drive to Caracas to fuel up.

not yet Xsellside, but soon will be… we are not even paying half of what English pay and we feel desperate already, in fact, I have thought abut buying a bike to go to work lol

You can’t drive to caracas. the Pan-American highway has never been finished and there is about a 54 mile gap called the Darien Gap that is full of disease, bandits, militia, mosquitos, and otherwise miserable conditions with no highway.