largest oil filed in history of US has been discovered


thanks obama

It’s near Midland. Time for Greenman to strike a well in his backyard!

What exactly is new or discovered? Is it because it’s officially recognized by the USGS now?

nevermind, clicked through and read the official doc.

Yes, his unwavering support of fracking has been key.

reading the big rich thats how half of oil fortunes in texas were made…a drill and a hole

That’s what she said?

This wasn’t very good…

So…half of all oil fortunes were made by drilling for oil.

How, then, did the other half of the oil fortunes get made, if not by drilling for oil?

Does this change anything? I thought US was already swimming in shale oil, but needs $60 per barrel or so to justify production costs.

it was made by random guys bootstrapping and drilling holes instead of big companies with resources.

also 2 of the families owned football teams. hunts - chiefs and murchisons - cowboys