ois spread trade using futures

new CME 3-month OIS futures contract is not offered yet by my broker CME libor EM futures contract is not really liquid CME 3 month ED futures contract works for libor but CBOT 30-day fed funds FF futures contract will give maturity mismatch so, proxy for spread trade using futures?? long ED, [other side??]

also, why is OIS spread considered a better measure than TED spread? my take on it: OIS is kinda like a daily floating rate equivalent of 3-month LIBOR (which although is floating for longer tenure loans, but for 3 months is effectively a fixed rate). OIS and LIBOR are both unsecured loans, and include same credit risk assumption so, essentially, its a pure fixed/floating spread measure what did i get wrong?

bump fellas this is the trade of the day - com’on