OK, I am loosing it--HELP

The question is about using futures vs options Fixed Income Reading 29-answer to question 3,page A-3 of Vol4 1st sentenceon page A-3 “If one has no clear opinion about the interest rate outlook but would like to avoid risk -selling int futures” Now in SS 17, Currency Risk Management, both CFA and Schweser say that if you don’t have opinion about the market --use options (which makes sence because you don’t loose upside) So why this answer in reading 29 question 3???

forget about it, if you identify this inconsistency is that you have learned this material, so don´t worry I think either this does not make a lot of sense, or either in first one they want to avoid risk COMPLETELY (so even giving up any upside). But again, this kind of things… I would not waste any time this cfa or schweser confusing answers