Ok! My crypto autists. How does one buy dogecoin?

From my research the best way is to buy bitcoin via coin base. Then exchange bitcoin for dogecoin via binance. Omg I can’t believe I am researching this autistic ■■■■.

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Are you salty because your CAGR is being trumped left and right by a bunch of Chads?
Soon you’ll be jumping on the coin bandwagon, non-productive assets be damned.

lol sadly. my brother asked me how does one buy dogecoin. i told him not to do it, but he kept talking about uncle elon. so i went on a fact finding frenzy and told him not to go pass 3% of his nw. my findings are this:
for dogecoin specifically, for a us exchange and dogecoin specifically, the largest are eitehr binance or kraken. im thinking binance is better.

It’s pretty simple.

Step 1: Go to Google

The end.

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