ok so i go to this M&A analyst interview, what should i review before?

What should i review before hand and know about as well. Keep in mind its a large energy company involved in “exploration, procuring, producing, distributing, trading and selling energy”

Review future of M&A in a financial system with no debt. Then become a dentist.

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Likely the same type of stuff you would expect to get in an I-banking interview, minus the inane, “make you think on your feet” questions that occasionally crop up in those interviews. Likely topics: - Be ready to walk them through the high level steps behind DCF valuation - Discuss the financial statements and how they are linked - Contrast fundamental cash flow valuation with comparables-style valuation approaches May want to brush up a little bit on the industry as well. New nuclear, the regulatory push towards green energy, etc. Just try to get a feel for some of the recent trends in the industry. In a market like this you’ll definitely want to be up on your current events as well. Might ask you to think about how this credit crunch would impact/constrain their M&A, etc., (e.g. discussing its implications on the use of debt vs. equity, etc. )