OK to buy used Schweser/Stalla video and CD's?

Anyone aware of any CFAI regulations that would prevent someone from buying previous years Notes, CD or DVD’s on E-Bay?


I believe it is ok to buy them as long as they are not pirated versions. Ebay is swarming with those.

Thanks, KJH. Appreciate the reply. Anyone have any tips on how to be sure that version is legit and non pirated? Photographs look like the actual items to me.

What will happen is you will bid, and then get an email from the seller saying something like “Send me $30 and I’ll send you the videos via DVD/Download/etc.” Dead givaway right there, if it seems too good to be true.

Great – thanks again.

A few things: 1) As long as it is copyright legal, it’s not against CFAI ethical standards. 2) It’s still not a good idea to study with old materials - the curriculum changes from year to year, and the new stuff tends to get tested heavily. 3) My Stalla videos have a registration key and an expiration date. The videos stop playing after the date, and I think the registration key stops working for new registrations (never tested it though). I’d imagine that Schwesser does the same thing. 4) I believe Stalla has something in the license agreement about not letting others (other than known Stalla paid users) use the videos, that would make it Stalla unkosher. So it’s a bit like polygamy in Mormonism: allowed where permitted by law, but probably not a good idea for other reasons (my opinion only; Mormon polygamists might disagree)

yep…as already said, the stalla videos expire after one year. after that, the cds are pretty much expensive coasters. however, i have to admit…there is nothing more satisfying than putting a big mug of beer on my level 3 stalla videos.

Good points. Another good point is that Schweser (and I suspect Stalla also) offers a 50% discount for returning users - which makes the delta between getting the new stuff (and not dealing with any BS) and using older stuff a lot smaller. Appreciate all of the input. And I suspect using a Stalla L3 dvd as a coaster is a sublime pleasure.

Any one have any other thoughts regarding copyrights, licenses and CFAI position? Thanks to all.