Ok What Next.

Expected Review completion :- 28th May. not ideal but …

This how I reviewed :-Read notes again focusing on stuff i highlighted in my first pass,then some in chapter questions from CFAI and 95%of all EOC.

Practice Exams available :-

CFAI AM last 3 years.

CFAI PM mocks 3 years and 2014 as well.

Schweser mocks 2014.

Time : - On leave from 31st May.Will devote every possible minute.

Question :- Option 1) “give” (attempt)timed mocks ? If yes then 1 AM and 1 PM or all AM first given the importance of AM and the fact that i have not gained as much confidence in IPS as i would like to.

Option 2) solve the questions from mocks/past papers topic wise in decreasing order of importance.?

So which approach,given the time at hand, seems better and would maximise return ?

comments, suggestions welcome.

Id focus on time management and know-how of morning session since it will always be a beast. You need to take into consideration that taking the AM at the test center is way too different from taking it at home. Time management, stress, afraid of failure took me out last year and i failed. Focus on important terminologies especially in the indiv/instit port. Review your weakness areas cause last year I was like ok i dont need to review a specific section and felt like bumping my head into the wall after i took the exam. Make sure your preparation is comprehensive. I’d focus on CFAI books including EOC, CFAI mocks and previous AM sessions. Good luck to everyone in here.

I have most of the EOC already. I have 2 choices

1.Timed mocks .asmany as I can. review mistakes.repeat.

2.solve questions from mocks topicwise,in decreasing order of importance.

have past AM for last 3 yrs and PM including 2014 and schweser mocks for 2014

Which of the two seems better given that i will complete review on 28th May and start practice exams from 29th? Which choice will give a better return on time spent?

yesterday was good for study.Review completion 1 day early.will probably do mocks/past AM papers sequentially.starting with 2013 AM and PM and working backwards to… ? Will decide when i get there i guess.

will complete review today. practice exams from tomorrow. Those who have already attempted mocks,I am planning to attempt CFAI AM and PM 2013 - 2011 and as many schweser mocks as possible.good idea?

I would be tempted to do all the AM mocks first to try and build the score up. Then move onto PM mocks.

Yup. sounds like a good idea. will begin with 2013 AM tomorrow.So how are you doing on practice tests.

down with fever.day lost.well tomorrow is another day.