old books

Hey everyone I am a broke grad school student, so the books I am using are the Schweser 2009 which I got for free. Has the material significantly changed since 2009, I used old books for level 1 and that went fine. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Honestly, I would get new books. If you can’t afford it, then use the old ones, but study a lot out of the CFA books too. I don’t think the material has significantly changed, but I know there are definitely some changes. G luck!

i have the 2011 books, i posted to sell them, but my post was removed… even though many others still have their posts up??? my emails is public

do you work at 11 wall 11wallst?

wake2000 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > do you work at 11 wall 11wallst? I do not work, I am in grad school. I could not figure out a user name so I looked at a picture on my wall of the NYSE so I figured that would be a good user name. I am shocked it was available.

i’ll give you mine if you live in NY.

better get the new one. unless you mainly use CFAI books. a lot about taxes has been removed to level 3 and got replaced by new chapters about private equity. maybe you should take a look at thecreativewonder dot com

Slightly contrarian perhaps, but… I have copies of the 2009 books from a friend before deciding to study this year. Not -that- much has changed. In other words - if you really know the material from the 2009 books, I suspect you’d pass almost any year you took the test. If you have the 2011 CFAI books to double check the parts that might be new, I don’t see why you couldnt be just fine with the older Schweser books. I personally preferred how it was 10 years ago - yes, they made you buy a bunch of text books, but at least I can (and still do) use the text books. Can’t imagine anyone a few years from now after passing the CFA sitting at their desk and pulling one of the CFAI books off the shelves…

Thanks for the help everyone. I think I will just read the cfa books as well, nothing sounds more fun than reading those books anyway.