Old cfa exams

I would like to ask you guys about some thing. Is it violation of code of ethics to use the old CFA level 3 exam before 2005 which is 2004,2003,2002,2001? Keep in mind that those exams not on the cfa institute web site. I just saw it on cfasuccess.com. Appreciate feed back.

Old exams are not material, non-public information. If you roll the clock back to 2005, the AIMR website would have the 2004 and 2003 exams posted; 2004, 2003 and 2002 exams posted…etc. etc. So, it is not a violation of the code of ethics. You’re just employing mosaic theory (and not really a diligence application of the mosaic theory either, just go to a website and download). The applicability of the contents in the older exams vis-a-vis the current and future exams is another matter. As a general matter, I think the most pertinent/helpful information are on the post-2005 exams. Hope it helps.