Old Level 3 Exam


I’m reading often on this forum that a good advice to better undesrtand L3 is to do a lot of practice, in particular on AM session for essay test, and to refer to old L3 exam.

I have only found some of them on CFA institute for 2009,2010 and 2011. Has someone also older exam (if allowed to use them)?


There like 100+ posts on this topic. Use the search function.

But basically, CFAI only publishes the last 3 tests…and I guess that makes it the only material you should be reviewing. Besides, keep in mind that the curriculum changes overtime, so I am sure you don’t to go back to far.


go back to 1990 if you can

do them all 59 times

read the texts at least 7 times

Ask and ye shall receive.

2007 to 2011 AM exams


Additionally, the 2012 Level III PM mock might still be available on the CFA website.

My advice, purcahse Schweser practice tests (150$ for 3 full tests), they definitely help because I purchased Schweser mock exam and it was really good practice.

So, many book smart people with no street smarts or ingenuity. Makes me wonder how people made it to this point.

I thought the Schweser AM practice tests were truly pointless and awful – worse than anything I have ever seen from that company.

I thought they were OK, but I won’t know for sure until next week.


Then which practice exams would you suggest?

The previous exams offered up by CFAI. Right now you can get 2007-2011; by next spring 2012 will be up.

>>Then which practice exams would you suggest?<<

Thanks for taking time to respond, Hank.

Just wanted to double check.

I hope by “previous exams” you mean mock and sample exams and NOT the “previous actual test questions”?

And the suggestion is true for both “essay” and “vignette type” questions?

Nothing prepares you better than past exams provided by the CFAI with perhaps the caveat that the answers provided in the solutions are more comprehensive/lengthy than what will be expected from you in the actual exam.

Why I cannot access to these AM exams. They notified that “Your account profile does not permit you to access the page you are trying to reach”.

What can I do?

+1, cant access as well!

Nothing, we got to search elsewhere :frowning: