Old Level II Mock Exams


I am looking for the old level II mock exams. For level 1 I found last the most recent old level I mock exam on the CFA website (very hidden). But I cannot find Level 2 2012 and 2013 mock exams.

Could anyone help me out? We can exchange.


I don’t know the exact percentages, but I’d imagine that about 95% of the 2013 exam would represent the 2014 exam, and about 90% of the 2012 exam.

In short, they’re pretty good.

Sure, but where can I get/ download them?

google is your friend!

and also try to find local CFA candidates in your are, they may have books to share!

For the ones till 2011 yes. But cannot find 2012 and 2013 CFA Mock Exam on Google!



This site isn’t working for me… anyone care to share??