Old Mutual Asset Management

Anyone know anything about these guys? Not really much online in terms of salary/experience.

Old Mutual is an international financial services holding company headquartered in London. They are well known in Europe and S. Africa but less so in the US. Their exposure in the US is mostly through ownership of several asset management firms. I have experience with several of the firms they own and they are all good shops. Acadian, Barrow Hanley, Dwight and TSW are a few I have worked with that are under the OM umbrella. They all seem happy to be owned by OM and say that OM gives them large autonomy in running the business. If you want to share the role they offered you I might be able to tell you more but overall they have a good reputation and people seem to like working there.

Copper Rock and Acadian (quant) are two of their asset management firms in Boston. Old mutual itself has offices in Boston too, but I don’t know what kind of job functions are in Boston.