Old studying materials

I have enrolled 2011 Dec level 1 exam but eventually I have not sat the exam. Now I plan to take 2012 Dec and can I study the soft copies from my last enrollment? Significant difference between these versions? Shall I order hard copies for this time enrollment because I have soft copies already?

Assuming you mean third-party material (Schweser etc) since you always get the most up to date material from CFAI.

I would advise getting updated materials if you can. Trying to patch things up from 2011 to 2012 versions is too distracting IMHO.

You are required to buy the new CFAI study materials. It is bundled into your exam fee

I am now studying my old official material in ebook format since I have not yet enrolled the Dec examination. I am thinking whether I should order the hard copies of the official material when I enrolled since I have already got the electronic format althouht which are not updated. Also, since I am now studying the material and I have made some highlight and notes already in my ebook. Once I order the official material in ebook format then I have to do all highlights and notes again?