Older CFA morning tests (2007-2013)

Can someone who took the CFA L3 in 2014 or 2013 compare the actual exam difficulty (only morning session) to the older (2005-2013) actual morning sessions that can be found on the Internet?

Speaking solely for myself, the “order of difficulty” in AM exams over the last 10 years is…

** HARDER ** 2012 > 2013 > 2014… All others in the range… > 2011 ** EASIER **

I was suprised at how easy 2006 was, and 2007 was slightly more difficult. I would suggest skipping those. I found 2009 and 2010 challenging, and worth the effort. 2008 might be worth looking over if you have some extra time.

2011 was a joke. other random quesiton was on ADRS

2010 and 2011 was not bad… Easy points, but 2012 was a bit challenging, 2013 was completely new in terms of questions and again I did 2014 and found it fair enough (questions were very clear, mastered it well) thanks to practicing, practiced 2007-2013 AM questions and did 2011,2012,2013 at least twice.

2007 was easy, 2008 (Difficult) and 2009 was not bad (Not too hard, not too difficult)…

My Mocks Scores:

2007: 72%

2008: 65%

2009: 70%

2010: 86%

2011: 76%

2012: 71%

2013: 79%

2014: Pass (6 Questions above 70% in AM, 4 questions below 50%, 1Q between)

how do you prepare for the pm,mc questions??

I think the AM past exams always show balance. some areas are too raugh and other area are too easy. for me I noted in general those years were relatively easy. 2014, 2012,2010,2008. on the other hand, 2013 was a challenge to me. Specially BF and individual.

where do we get all of these practice exams?

I have only 2012 - 2014

dwheats : https://level3cfa2012.wordpress.com/2012/04/09/9-years-of-level-3-exams/


is there a link to any older multiplechopice mocks? i only have the two from the website at the moment



I would advise having a look at q1 from 2008. There you had to do a complete constraints section of the ips. Haven’t seen that in any other exam, but could be relevant. Always good to know what to write for taxes, legal and unique… Ans 10 minutes for that section was not much!