Oldest Ipod you have?

I used to have a drawer full of iPods. Broken ones, nano, and the last one that works — the original first color video ipod. Back is stainless steel looking and its not a touch screen. It wont even sync with my new computer so my 2004-2006 songs are locked in permanently. Its kind of cool. It dies often if not hooked up to a power supply, but if I have the power cord hooked up it is chill. So for me … oldest iPod is from 2004 ish What about you?

Never had one.

Never had an iAnything.

I’ve got a third gen iPod floating around somewhere…also from around 2003/4


last time I tried switching it on I just got the Apple logo to appear then it gets caught in some infinite loop of death where it just permanently tries to turn itself on and off over and over again.

I don’t have the heart to throw it out though.

I have the last “old school” one with the spinning HD and no touch screen. They seem to be designed to last only a year.

My problem is that my car is designed to hook up to that generation of ipods and there’s nothing to replace it with.

yeah to be honest I usually keep broken products and send them back to the manufacturer. Best company I have dealt with is Nixon watches - they call you and ask which new model you would like to replace it with. I went through 5 watches and kept sending them back because I just give them a lot of abuse. They eventually got to the point of saying I could have any watch in any price range and each time they send you a new watch you get this cool box and old school bazooka bubble gum.

i have a bunch of iPod ‘nanotechs’ that broke and want to send them all back to apple for at least a new nano or something.

^not sure if serious

This, with an OELD display. Intuitive, easy, 30hrs of play time, plug-copy-and-paste. It was killed by a primitive civilization, the iJunkians.

I have an iPod Classic. My sister still has her 2nd gen iPod and it works.