Oman Salary info

I know, not the best time to ask this question. But I have a offer in hand right now and need to understand how good or bad this offer is. hence would be grateful if anyone with knowledge of the financial sector in Oman could please get in touch on Thanks

good money in gulf

Do it… it has to pay decently. Plus I just googled “Oman”, temps average 80-90 degrees Sept through May… just clear out of there for June-August (100 degrees+)

where do u reside now? U have to see whether u will b better off or worse. Yes good money in gulf no doubt.

Actually on a pure notional money basis it is a good salary. however the question is on the PPP basis or more importantly the relative standard of living and comparative salary for same position basis how is the salary. hence the request

look how it fits in your short-term and long-term career goal. what is your background that helped you get this offer?

Thanks for everyone’s support. have said no to the offer.

Whats up with Oman? Coincidentally my brother just received an internship offer from there too. Maybe I should try my luck as well…