OMG I would marry her

she is amazing

I would not marry her.

Not that I’m an advocate of beating your spouse, but if it came to it, I want to be the beater, not the beatee.

Not for nothing, but that is a toddler bag she’s kicking.

Also, very poor form on the first kick. She’s going to develop hip problems if she doesn’t start turning her back foot.

chics like this will die alone and unhappy. no men left that could handle a woman like this.

disagree, i think her figure is perfect, you should really see the chicks that weightlift, its like 10x more unattractive.

I agree with OP.

What if I told you she was a bartender too?

Not me. Id rather get my ass kicked, I dont want to go to prison.

Are you aware of my “no bartenders” rule or just a lucky guess?

The way it is in this world, you’d probably go to prison either way. She’ll scratch you and punch you and when the cops come, she’ll act all innocent.

I’ve seen the men’s rights activists post these stories on Reddit and while I don’t disagree this happens I would hope we would both be taken in until they could make a decision. I understand the officers have to make a snap decision that attempts to end the situation, and it certainly would look better for me to have my ass kicked than if I smashed her to a pulp. That said, I likely would get my ass kicked by a woman who actually knows how to fight

I would feel safe walking with her at night in Bronx (not necessarily NSFW, suprisingly)

that subreddit i have been on before and the discussion is really the worst part. Some of the stuff is funny but then you get comment after comment of spiteful neckbeards just being miserable and whining.

here you go OP, fap at will

Do tell of this rule.

Wow…there are some gems on this subreddit.


^Yeah, that chick has gotten famous for all the wrong reasons. No only did she literally ask to be punched, she did so after assaulting multiple people and threatened on FB to bring back “100 nazi scalps.” To recap: No matter your gender, if you hit people, threaten people, then invite them to fight back, you’re going to get knocked the hell out.

Well, these days it’s a useless rule, me being married and all. But back in the day (going back to college) I wouldn’t date baristas, bartenders or waitresses. It can be tempting because they’re often attractive, party hard and generally fun people but from experience those factors plus the large amount of male attention thrown their way just often created a real quagmire. The baristas should really be broken out separately from that list, because that was mostly due to a higher propensity of being bat shit crazy. As an example, I dated one girl from a starbucks that I picked up around like noon or two in the afternoon in the summer, she calls her Mom to say hi (who’s at a bar), tells me about how she didn’t make the cut for the navy due to mental health evaluation, has me stop at a porn shop for her to hand in an application and basically wants us to hang out there for about an hour talking to some girls she knows that work there and then things just sort of generally deteriorated afterwards from there. Seems like a distant era at this point though.

Sounds like a good rule.