This sets a high bar for future omelettes. In fact, when my wife served me regular eggs the other day, “Are you trying to poison me? Whor*!” I screamed impulsively while throwing the dish to the floor.

A puffer fish would have made it look a lot prettier:


1)its missing cheese

2)what is that bean sauce on top

Do I even want to know what you were searching for when you stumbled upon this video?

90% of it would be on the floor if I tried flipping it in the pan like that. Liked the Laverne & Shirley music in the background.

throw BACON

Wowsa! All of that to attract a female??

The sauce is demi glace!!! Fancy schmancy!!! :open_mouth:

That presentation is really awful.

Oh, it’s ok though, he sprinkled herbs on top.

who is Demi Glace? Is she hot

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Wow! That’s pretty cool