On A Relative Basis: Who is currently More Nervous: CFA takers or Lebron James?

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CFA takers. BronBron has his money and a title in-hand.

Great question! I’m going with “King” James. This season was handed to him on a silver platter with no Derrick Rose in the East (#1 conference challenger) and Westbrook going down for OKC (#1 overall challenger). Lebron is starting to run out of years (this is his 10th NBA season?) and he really cares about his legacy. Especially after he went on national TV to say that they’re not winning one, two, three, blah blah blah. He needs to win at least 4 titles to be in the Jordan, Kobe, etc conversation.

For all the test takers out there, you reach a point where you just feel like you can’t retain any more knowledge, or like if you learn a new concept you just lost a previously studied one. Trust yourself, it’s all in your head somewhere, and come test day it will feel like you purge everything you learned. If you truly put in the time for study, you’ll do fine. Good luck!

I wish I knew enough about sports to understand the question :frowning:

Agreed, test takers. The Pacers have mostly looked like the better team, but I think the Heat are a better team and will pull it out. Great series so far. For tonight, Miami by 10, 102-92…0 flops.

BronBron is only 28, he has plenty of time to win several more championships. Jordan won his last ring when he was 34 or 35.

Bump–although circumstances have changed since this thread started.

LeBron better be shaking in his high-tops right now. He’s got to deal with TP, Gino, and the Big Fundamental. And they’ve had a week’s worth of rest. LeBron and Co. have only had two days.

Bron is a bitch but I don’t see him having an ounce of nervousness.

They lose, he’ll be sad for a week maybe and then it’s back to making his millions. Doesn’t sound very rough.

Lebron is the best game 7 performer in NBA history. He averages 34 pts/game in game 7s.

Overrated. During the last quarter LeBron didn’t want the ball. Jordan or Kobe would have won or lost that game trying to win it by themselves.

I know there’s a similar example in the NFL of some supposedly great quarterback, that simply cannot close the deal when it matters, but I cannot remember his name.

you don’t understand hyper competitive people and the nba landscape then.

If they lose given the history, ‘the decision’, and the pressure to deliver on this, this will be a huge deal for Lebron.

All the psychology and how they’ve delivered is great drama.

Tony Romo fits the bill. Well, all but the “great quarterback” part.

But his teams were only 2-2 in those games. Jordan was 2-1 in game 7’s, also averaging 34 pts/game, and won 6 rings. Jordan also averaged 8 boards per game 7 (same as Lebron) and 8 assists per game 7 (4 more than Lebron).

I call bs. In crunchtime, nobody stands even close to Kobe, he’s got the biggest balls for that thing

CFA test takers are definitely more nervous. If the Heat don’t win, it would simply prove that LeBron is actually human. Compared to CFA test takers, LeBron has a lot more experience in pressure situations and has substantial margin of safety thanks to the fact that he already has won a title, has a net worth of over $100 million, and can slay pretty much any dime as he pleases.

he was referring to P. Manning.

Hard for him to close the game when the head coach calls 3 straight running plays.