On campus or distance learning ms finance

Hi guys, I would want to know which of these two forms of education would be beneficial ( on Campus and Distance Edu). The reason been that, 1# my current working closes late and most on campus master starts at 6pm so i would not be able to go to class right after working. 2# i have been hearing that recruiter dont hire people with online or distance education ms in finance I would want to know our take on that.

Which specific programs are you thinking about? A crappy on-campus program could be less useful than an online program. #2 is generally true, but there might be exceptions (I’m not that knowledgeable on online programs).

from much research, I can tell you that if you pursue an online degree, then try to do it with a school that actually has a campus but is just offering an online degree program. For example, UCLA has an online extension program, but once you get the certificate/degree, you’re not obligated to put “online degree” on your resume. also, if you’re in NYC, Pace University has a weekend only MSF program you might want to look into, and it’s not every weekend so I know people from Arizona are enrolled and just fly to NYC when the class actually meets. Otherwise, it’s a lot of online group work with independent readings. students go into the classroom for sat & sunday to present project work, take exams, and have some instructor based time.

Thanks guys, I will be starting the UCLA extension this fall and would want to know what u guys think about this school Creighton University. I checked their curriculum and cpurse description and they were great.

hubert_boateng Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > this school Creighton University. > I checked their curriculum and cpurse description > and they were great. I went to Creighton for MSAPM but did not do it online. I went to Creighton undergrad and live in Omaha so I did MSAPM on campus. It is very good program and the professors are great. They have more CFA Charterholders that are professors than any other University in the world if I am not mistaken. I did this while taking the CFA exams. It took me 3 years to complete the MSAPM (part time at night) and CFA exams. Having said that, I am not sure how the online program is. Sure its the same.

First of all, it’s MS in Finance, on top of that it’s distance learning program, gosh!!! Anyways… I wish you best of luck, success comes to the brave.